Twenty Five Before Twenty Five

Turning twenty was a scary moment for me. I found myself looking back on my life and feeling like I hadn’t accomplished enough. I was afraid that my life was quickly passing me by but I wasn’t really living it. On my birthday I started to write this list of twenty five things that I want to accomplish before I turn twenty five. The first thing on my list was to create a blog and commit to it.  I had a blog last year for my English class and I loved it! But after the class was over I forgot about blogging. Now I want to commit to blogging even if my life is pretty boring.



I share my birthday with my Grandpa. He is such a great man!

Texting with my boyfriend, Brett, right before midnight on my birthday.

The other twenty four things on my list haven’t been decided. The list is a work in progress but I enjoy having something to work towards. I am looking forward to the rest of my life and I know that I will accomplish my list and many more things. I am going places, that is for sure. My goal is to write this blog and push myself out of my comfort zone. I hope that through blogging I am able to gain friendships and new experiences that I wouldn’t have had without blogging.

Thanks for reading! I hope to have more very soon!


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