Finals Week Fun

I think that I speak for every college student when I say that finals week is absolute torture. This is my third semester and finals have not gotten any easier. It all depends on the class of course. However, now that I am a sophomore all of my classes seem more advance. I also made a promise to myself that I would try my hardest in school and take my classes very seriously. I believe that education is a very powerful tool and is an investment in your future.

My finals week consists of four exams and one final project as well as a volunteer event for the Student Advisory Leadership Board that I am a part of. Today I got my first and easiest exam out of the way. I spent the rest of the day finishing my final project and turning it in to my professor. I also got my volunteer event out of the way which involved me sitting at a desk for an hour and a half guarding the Loaves and Fishes donation bottles.

Truth about finals

Gilmore Girl’s quote because it’s my favorite show.

I concluded my day by watching the end of the Bonnie and Clyde series on the History Channel and going to “late night” with my roommate and friend. Late night is at one of our cafeterias on campus and begins at 9 pm every week night.  I got an Oregon Chai Latte but it was really just warm milk. It was super disappointing because I hoping that I would be able to drink it while studying for my accounting final. Oh well.

Good luck to the rest of the college students studying for their finals! Break is right around the corner!


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