I’m Back!

Sorry I haven’t written for so long! I will use the typical blogger excuse and blame my crazy schedule for my absence! 😉

While I was taking a break from blogging I enjoyed holiday gatherings with my family, countless hours at work, and overeating yummy food. My winter break was just what I needed to relax and prepare for another busy semester of college. I also enjoyed having two snow days during the first week of class! Snow days are one of the many reasons why I love Michigan and one of the only reasons why I tolerate winter.



At the Civic where Brett was a pirate in Peter Pan.


My cat, Lucy, under the Christmas tree.


Brett and I in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve. P.S. my Grandpa made all of the Santas on our mantle!


I took my God-brother and sister, Jordan and Riley, to the arcade for some post-Christmas fun!

Classes started two weeks ago so I am back in my dorm. It took a long time for the heat to turn back on after break so the first few nights here I froze to death. But now I am settled back in to college life and starting to get used to my super heavy work load. This semester I am taking Business Statistics, Macro Economics, Business Driven Info Tech, Accounting Two, and Geology of National Parks and Monuments. This is also my very last semester as a Pre-Business Student! After this semester I will officially be accepted into the College of Business where I can pursue my major, Electronic Business Marketing. I will be done with my General Business minor after this semester too!! I am super excited to see where my future takes me!

Well, that’s all for now! I promise that I will be back soon with more updates!


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