Productive Days are the Best Days

As you can tell from the title of this post I had a very productive day! This morning at 9:30 I completed my Macro Economics exam. I really studied for this but it was scary hard. I was so nervous that I failed. But my professor is pretty cool because he lets us take the exam booklet home after the exam and then posts the answer key online. Yay! This means that I now know that I did pass this scary hard exam! Go me!

After the exam Brett and I had brunch and then I went back to my dorm for a quick forty minute nap. I was planning on going start to my academic adviser but then remembered that she has a lunch break so I had an hour to kill. I was really excited to go see my academic adviser because I was really to fill out my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) application! This is a huge step for me because it means that after this semester I will have completed all of the pre-business requirements. Not only will I get officially accepted into my program but I will also have completed my general business minor!

I filled out and signed my application and felt a huge sense of accomplishment! I made it! My adviser told me what classes to take over the summer and next fall to get me on track to graduate in spring 2016. She also guided me along to a study abroad adviser to okay my schedule and help me fit in study abroad while staying on course to graduate.

After my advising appointment I headed over to the externship showcase. An externship is basically a 1-3 day collegiate job shadow. I hope to get a couple of externships this summer. This showcase was also a great way to network with employers! I met a lot of really great companies today and even won a t-shirt! Who doesn’t love a good free t-shirt?

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The externship showcase was right next door so of course I popped in to make an appointment. Lucky for me, the adviser was available and I was able to sit down and talk to her right then! She approved my program and said that I had aligned myself up perfectly for studying abroad. I managed to save 14 elective credit hours for studying abroad. I am so excited to get the ball rolling and start applying for study abroad! Now that she has approved my schedule I can start filling out the application. I know that I am making the best possible decision even though it’s so scary.

My favorite place, London!

My favorite place, London!

All in all it was a super productive day. I ended it with a business info tech lecture and dinner with my sister. I also finished all of my homework for tomorrow so now I can just relax and go to bed early. I love days like today!

What’s your favorite type or day? How do you manage your time?


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