How to Remain Positive


I’m not going to lie, today was rough. Being in customer service can make you bitter, angry, and confused. Sometimes I want to tell customers that I’m trying my hardest to make them happy. I am just a twenty year old college student trying to make a living while paying tuition. Today I realized that I cannot possibly make everyone happy. I am a people pleaser and I thrive on making people happy but sometimes there is nothing I can do. Sometimes I have to be the punching bag and just absorb people’s feelings, words, and negativity.

With that said, I have a few tips on how to remain positive even when you are having a terrible day. I am lucky enough to have a manager/friend who is always there to guide me and give me advice. Today he sat me down and explained to me that I have to just keep pushing through. I have to remain positive for the sake of our team. If I crack under the pressure then the whole place will go down with me. So, today I am choosing to overcome the bitterness of others and remain positive and happy. Here’s how I’m doing it:

1. Realize that everyone is different: We all have different preferences, tastes, and feelings. You can’t label everyone the same because each person is unique. Learn something from everyone you meet and you will be a happier, more positive person.

2. Don’t focus on your mistakes: You will mess up every once in a while. No one is perfect so you can’t hold yourself to an unachievable standard. If you hold yourself up to a perfect standard you will just be disappointed in yourself. Cut yourself some slack when you make a mistake and learn from it. Let yourself move on.

3. Give yourself a break: When I get frustrated at work I like to go into the office, shut the lights off and close my eyes. This lets me have a few seconds of peace before returning to chaos. Giving yourself a second to slow down and think will allow you the time to remind yourself to think positive thoughts.

4. Remember that at the end of the day you did your best. Sometimes you have to walk away from things that are causing you pain and that’s okay! Don’t allow yourself to be stuck being miserable. Every day you have the decision about whether or not to have a good day. It’s up to you, and sure people can influence your choice, but ultimately the outcome depends on how you choose to handle it.

Be proud of who you are and what you do! No one can judge you or make you feel like you are worthless. Today you can either choose to be positive or negative. No one can make that choice but you. So, forget about what others say, what they do, or how they act. Remember to remain positive and everything will be okay, I promise.


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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