Study Abroad: Choosing a Program




I can’t believe I am already applying for University in London! I did hours and hours of research before deciding where I wanted to go. I always knew I wanted to study abroad in London so all I had to do was find the perfect University.

The one and only University I am applying to is Regent’s University. Regent’s is located in Regent’s Park in London. It is a gated, Royal Park so I know that I will be safe living there. Regent’s is so beautiful and I can imagine myself living there!


Now that I have picked my dream University all I have to do is turn in my application. I have been procrastinating turning it in because I am honestly scared to death. What if I don’t get accepted? What if I want to come home?

Leaving is going to be so hard but I know that I am meant to go on this amazing trip. I know that Regent’s University is the place I am meant to live. I am lucky that my family believes in my dreams as much as I do because they are the ones that are motivating me to turn in my application.


Another huge bonus of Regent’s is that it has an elite business school. I will be able to complete my International Business minor as well as taking classes that will transfer for my Bachelor of Business Administration! Going to University in London will help me gain an international business perspective which will set me apart from my peers. It is a great opportunity to make the best of my education and learn as much as a can!

Thanks for the continued love and support! The application process has me super anxious but I am beyond excited to start this journey. I can’t wait to explore London and various other places that I am blessed enough to travel to!


P.S: The pictures used are from Regent’s website and Flickr. You can find them here.


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