Meet Megan!


On October 11, 2014 my life was forever changed when my mom and dad adopted Megan. Megan is a two and a half year old puggle (pug and beagle mix). She was originally adopted by an 86 year old terminally ill woman. After a year, the woman could no longer take care of Megan so she placed her in an animal shelter. Megan spent the next year and a half or so bouncing around from shelter to shelter and foster home to foster home. Eventually, I found her while searching for puppies and my family fell in love with her.


Megan is sassy, hyper, and cuddly. She loves humping pillows, chewing on blankets, and jumping around the room. Megan loves other dogs but isn’t so great around cats (yet). And she is so spoiled and loved by our family. I walk her almost every day at least a mile at a time. It makes me so happy having someone to come home to who will unconditionally love me.

When Scooter died, it was really hard on me and I didn’t know if I would be able to go through that again with another dog. I spent the last night of Scooter’s life sleeping on the floor with him and being overwhelmed with sadness. Even though Scooter was in pain and dying he spent all night comforting and loving me. That is the unconditional love that only a dog has for their human. Dogs are selfless and spend their whole lives committed to their families.


Having Megan has made me realize that Scooter would have wanted us to rescue another dog and give them the amazing life that he had. He would have wanted someone else to take care and love his family. I believe with all of my heart that Scooter is happy that we have found Megan.


My dad said after Scooter died that we would never have another dog in our house. However, my sister moved out and I am leaving for London very soon. My mom needs someone to love her and take care of her. We didn’t tell my dad that we were adopting a puppy we just brought her home with us. He says he’s not happy but he put up the dog run and cage right away. I think he has come to terms with it and is now adjusting to his new life with a dog.


I am so happy to have this little bundle of joy to come home to everyday. Megan is such a good dog (sometimes) and I know that she is a perfect match for my family. I am so happy to introduce all of you to Megan and look forward to sharing all of the memories that we make with you guys!


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