Pre-Departure Orientation and Buying My Plane Ticket!


Today my school hosted our pre-departure orientation. My mom was able to go with me which was really awesome because now she knows so much more about the process. I feel much more comfortable knowing that my mom has some information about insurance and stuff.

I can’t believe I am leaving in about a month and a half! It seems like only yesterday I was dreaming this whole plan up. I can’t believe this is my life…


In other news, I finally bought my plane ticket! I really struggled to decide whether or not to buy a round trip or a one way ticket. The one way ticket was over $1,700 so I decided to go with the round trip. I am leaving on January 24th at 5:55 pm! The plane lands at Heathrow on January 25th at 2:45 am my time or 7:45 am London time. I am so so so happy because finally have someone to fly with! I met a girl from my University who has agreed to travel to London with me! I am so excited!


On the 25th I will be able to move into my dorm at Regent’s where I will finally meet my roommate!!!! Orientation at Regent’s starts on January 26th and my first day of University is on February 2nd. I’m really nervous about the trip over but I am so excited for this experience. Hopefully I will meet a ton of friends during orientation!

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any advice for packing, travelling, whatever! Thanks guys!

P.S. All of the pictures in this post are from the last time I was in London (2011)!


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