Orientation Week Update


Hello again! In my last post I started to explain orientation week here at Regent’s University London. I am loving life in London and have made so many great friendships in the past week. I was most nervous about making friends but it turned out fine and I made a lot of friends right away!

My new home, Reid Hall

My new home, Reid Hall

Tuesday was the second day of orientation. We had a quick lesson on academics and life in London before going on the “Marylebone Challenge.”  This challenge was very similar to the one we did in my last post but it was only in Marylebone which is the area where Regent’s is located within London. For this challenge we had to take pictures with things (birds, bridge, pizza menu, Sherlock Holmes’s Museum, etc.) and answer questions.

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My group for this challenge was really nice and we had fun wandering around the area. This challenge helped me understand my surroundings. The most important thing I figured out from this was where the nearest Waitrose was located! Waitrose is a grocery store where you can get basic necessities and food.


Marylebone Challenge!

On Wednesday we only had a couple of introductory lectures in the morning so we headed out in the afternoon to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and the London Eye for more pictures and exploring. It was a lot of fun and really made me feel like I was in London! There’s always something new to see or do here.




Thursday was another day where we only had a couple of things going on in the morning for orientation. That night we decided to take the tube to the London Bridge area. It was an easy journey from Baker Street. It was raining so we quickly headed to London Bridge to get a picture with Tower Bridge in the background. Then we walked through Borough Market which was getting ready to close.



After walking through the market we settled down in Caffe Nero for coffee. We had an amazing view of the River Thames and sat talking for a few hours. I have a great group of friends here and London! We talked about the places we want to go and the things we want to do in London. I couldn’t stop smiling. I am truly happy and thankful to be here!


Friday was a busy day and started off at 9 a.m. with a lecture about how to make friends in the U.K. I honestly almost skipped it but I’m so glad that I didn’t. The speaker was so funny and really made us feel welcome at Regent’s University. The speaker also happens to be my professor for my Communication Across Cultures class!

After that we had one more lecture about academic success. Then it was time for the Fresher’s Fair which was a huge room full of booths with information. The booths consisted of people from the University and local businesses. We got a lot of free stuff and food which is always nice!

The last activity of orientation week was a “Pub Quiz.” This reminded me a lot of the trivia that I do back at home with my friends. Our group had so much fun, even though we lost. I really want to find a local pub to do a Pub Quiz again.

After the Pub Quiz Alejandra, Andrea, Anna, and I walked to Camden where Anna lives. Anna is German and Alejandra and Andrea are twins from Peru and were the first friends I made here. We walked to the Camden market which was a lot of fun. No one bought anything but we will probably go back there soon. It was a younger more modern area of London which was pretty cool. It was a cold night so we stopped at Costa for some hot chocolate and tea.




That ended orientation week at Regent’s University! I had a lot of fun and made so many new friends! I love it here in London. My next post will be about my first weekend in London where we got lost and I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!!


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