Ice Bar London!


Hello, friends!

On February 10th we celebrated Alejandra and Andrea’s 20th birthday by going to Ice Bar London! You can only be in the bar for 40 minutes because it is so cold. I thought it was fine in the beginning because I am used to Michigan winters but by the end of the 40 minutes I was more than happy to return to the warm weather.

Happy Birthday, Alejandra & Andrea!

Happy Birthday, Alejandra & Andrea!

At the beginning of your time at the Ice Bar you are given an insulated cape with a fur-lined hood and attached gloves to keep you warm in the -5 degree C bar. The walls were lined with ice and there were ice sculptures of a pineapple, cupcake, and bus as well as ice tables and cars to sit in.




The fee to come inside the bar included one drink in the price so we all went to the bar and picked a drink. I got the “tropical sensation” which came in a glass made of ice and was super strong. We took a ton of pictures and had a great time looking around.



After the bar, we stopped outside to take some more group pictures with the two birthday girls and then walked to Starbucks to pick up some muffins. The nice people at Starbucks provided us with a candle for the birthday muffin!




I had so much fun going out with my friends! Ice Bar was a total blast! I am having a ton of fun in London with my new friends. I really don’t think I have ever had this much fun in my life! If you are ever in London I recommend going to the Ice Bar for a really fun night out with your friends!

Thanks again for reading!

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