Five on Friday #8

Five on Friday

Happy Friyay!

I hope that you had a great week and are looking forward to an even better weekend! Because it was the first full week of the month I was super busy preparing client statements and doing account maintenance. The weather is finally getting better in Michigan so I’ve been taking Oscar for walks and it’s motivating me to do more after work. All in all, things are starting to look up!

  1. I bought an Apple Watch last weekend for my work’s upcoming walking challenge. I really love the Apple Watch so far but I still need to figure out how to work a few things! I am hoping that having this watch and doing the walking challenge will help motivate me to continue pushing myself towards my healthy lifestyle goal.
  2. It might finally be nice enough out this weekend to start doing yard work! It also might rain and I will not be raking leaves in the rain haha.
  3. My sister in law is having twins in July or August! They have been trying for the last few years to have a baby and they announced at Christmas that they are expecting twins! I am preparing for the babies in the best way I know how – reading! I’ve read all the articles and blogs on twins that I can find. I’ve been shopping and planning the shower. I seriously can’t wait to hold those little miracles.
  4. I watched the movie Seven with Brett and our friend last week. It was the creepiest movie that I have ever seen and I can’t stop thinking about it. UGH! Have you seen it?
  5. I know I’m behind on the times but I finally started using the Kindle App on my iPhone! I’ve already read two books and know that this will help me increase my reading! I’m really going to miss paper books though so I know that I won’t be reading everything on Kindle. I’m always looking for book recommendations so please let me know if you have any!

How was your week? Do you have any plans for this weekend?


Photo byย Farsai Chaikulngamdeeย onย Unsplash








5 thoughts on “Five on Friday #8

  1. Courtney says:

    I recently sold my Apple watch (just because we are moving and could use the money), but I LOVED it for tracking workouts. It really is so motivating and so nice to keep the records. It’s especially fun to share the activity with friends! You’re gonna love it!


    • Life of Hayley says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you had to sell yours! My work paid for mine as part of our wellness incentive and walking challenge. I am very grateful to have it and am loving it so far! We have a walking challenge every year to motivate us to get moving. It’s a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hunida says:

    Oh my gosh, so exciting about the twins!! You are such a good auntie for doing all the research. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve not heard of Seven before but, I’ll definitely check it out. & I looove the Kindle app. That’s how I read on my phone, too! You should also download Overdrive so you can borrow books from your library instead of buying them all!


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