Anxiety Won’t Ruin My Life

Anxiety Won't Ruin My Life

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately between my personal life, work, and my mental health. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember and it seems to come in waves. Many days it’s smooth sailing and then other days I’m drowning in my worries. I’m normally able to function just fine but sometimes I can’t even make myself leave the house.

I think the trigger to these last couple of weeks of anxiety has been the fact that Brett took a new position at his job and has to travel a lot. I spent a week alone while he was in Atlanta and I barely slept the whole time he was gone. Every noise woke me up and had me searching all the rooms in our house for an intruder. I contemplated staying with my parents but I’m trying to be a “real” adult and suck it up.

I have come to the conclusion that anxiety is something I will just have to live with. It’s not always easy but I know I’m far better off than many others who suffer. I won’t let anxiety ruin my life or keep me from doing the things I want to do. I almost let my anxiety keep me from studying abroad and that would have been a terrible decision.

Sometimes you just have to throw yourself outside of your comfort zone and hope for the best. I’ve found that standing up to my fears has made me much stronger.

How do you cope with anxiety?


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9 thoughts on “Anxiety Won’t Ruin My Life

  1. Chanelle says:

    Sending so much love your way! Take things slowly and look after yourself, if you feel like spending the day in bed with movies and snacks do it, if you feel like getting up and going for a walk or into town do it 🙂 ❤


  2. SET says:

    Proud of you for talking (or writing) about it! That’s a huge step in managing symptoms of anxiety. No single method works for all people and you’re very courageous for “sucking it up” which, to me, is code for confronting it head on (even when it feels like its taking you down)! You go girl!


  3. says:

    I would encourage you to be with your parents for a while and then get back to be on your own once you feel a lil in control. Don’t try to suck it up. Try to learn how to get proper support. I use support from doctors, counsellors, meds, friends, family, everything. I suffer when I try to handle it all alone and I have learned that the hard way. There is no need to be an “adult”. In fact, the definition of that needs to be changed to seeking proper help and support from others in times of need.


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