May According to my iPhone


May was a super busy month for me! It wasn’t very memorable and slightly boring though. Mostly work, family time, dog walks, and time at the lake. Here’s a quick recap of what my life looked like in May.


Let’s start with the world’s happiest dog, Oscar! We celebrated his first gotcha day in May. This means that one year ago we adopted Oscar from the animal shelter and brought his home to join our family. You can read his full adoption story here. It was really important to both Brett and I that we rescue a dog and give them a good life after a not so great start. I think we have succeeded so far!


May was dreary and rainy for the most part but we still had some good times at the lake! I’m ready for summer!


May was the last week of my work’s walking challenge. Brett, Oscar, and I walked pretty much every day around are neighborhood. My boys are so cute! ❤


It was beautiful a beautiful spring in Michigan (when it wasn’t raining)! I love seeing everything come to life after a long winter.


Oscar isn’t a fan of swimming but he loves sitting on the dock! We enjoyed our first real lake day on Memorial Day!


My grandparent’s got a new boat this year and we took it on it’s maiden voyage on Memorial Day! Such a fun day with family!


Here’s a quick look at our upstairs guest bedroom. I never fully decorated it when we moved in so I’m finally getting around to making it feel like a welcoming part of our home. Here’s a before and hopefully I’ll have an after soon! It’s a huge space because it’s a converted attic so it’s the length of our house. The old owners used it as their master bedroom.

Did you do anything fun in May? What are you looking forward to in June?



9 thoughts on “May According to my iPhone

  1. Stephanie Hawthorne says:

    What a cute pup! I love how vibrant the tree looks, I’ve never been to Michigan, but maybe someday! I absolutely love rooms that are framed like your guest bedroom; it’s so cool to have! Looks like Oscar enjoys that room too, haha!

    June is my birth month, next week actually, so it’s just another date to mark of growing older! My little sister got married the first, so we’re all chomping at the bit for the pictures!


    • Life of Hayley says:

      Thank you! We love Michigan! It’s a great place to visit especially in the summer or fall. So beautiful! ❤ Our house has a few cool places with the upstairs bedroom. We were really lucky to have found a house with so much character!

      Happy (belated) birthday to you! I love celebrating birthdays even if it means getting another year older! 😉 I hope you enjoyed your day and your birth month! Weddings are super exciting!!

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      • Stephanie Hawthorne says:

        I’ll have to keep that in mind! I don’t mind the cold, so I’d be tempting to go whenever I have the opportunity!

        Thank you so much! It was a wonderful day for me. Unfortunately so, maybe this year will slow down!? It’s certainly an exciting season for all of us it seems! 🙂


  2. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Hey I found your blog through Courtney! I loved this style of monthly recapping, and your dog is too cute. I love that you rescued him, I think that’s so important and if I were to ever get a dog I would totally get a rescue dog!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope your June is great!


  3. Courtney says:

    I love that you adopted your dog!! I also have a big heart for rescue dogs, and we adopted our dog too. There are so many precious dogs just waiting for homes! ❤


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