How I Handle the “Real World” & Blogging


Most people in my “real” life don’t know that I have a blog. It’s not something that I really advertise because I don’t want to answer questions or have people that I know read my blog. Most of the time what I’m posting about is really personal. I share my feelings, views, and opinions without having to worry about too much backlash but I often wonder what would happen if my family, friends, and acquaintances were reading.

I used to share the link to my blog on Facebook and Instagram so it’s not exactly a secret. My Instagram is weird because I post about my blog on stories but not really on the main feed. I’m so weird about it because so many of my “real life” friends and family follow me on Instagram.

All of this weirdness stems from me being an awkward introvert. I have such a hard time talking about my personal feelings in real life and become super awkward and change the subject ASAP.

I guess the truth is that I’m still trying to figure out how to balance blogging and my personal life. Blogging is something that I’m passionate about but I don’t know how I would feel if everyone knew about and read my blog.

How do you handle blogging?


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9 thoughts on “How I Handle the “Real World” & Blogging

  1. The Lexington Bookie says:

    I’m the opposite in that, I pretty much have told everyone- friends, fam, etc.- that I blog because it’s become such a big part of my life. I have to coordinate blogging with all the other things I’m trying to balance in my life, and that includes them. I find that it has helped having their support- they don’t always read what I’m writing about, but they’ll ask how the blog is doing, if I’ve done anything fun for it, what’s been my favorite current read, etc. I understand that blogging is personal, and that families aren’t always tight-knit, but having someone close to you who you can share this part of your life with is great for support and encouragement, and it’s helped me be able to share what’s important to me with them.


  2. Thinkandbeehappy says:

    Hey Hayley, I used to be the same. I shared personal things on my blog and for some reason I wasn’t ready for everyone to see that. I stopped sharing my blog and just kept it to myself. I don’t know what changed but now I love sharing it with everyone. I know not all of my friends and family read my blog or even care but some do and share amazing support. It has definitely helped me to have more confidence in blogging and to not stop.


  3. Chanelle says:

    I understand where you’re coming from and I’d say I’m similar. I don’t shout from the rooftops that I have a blog but it is linked in my Instagram profile and I occasionally mention it on there so if people stumble across it that’s fine. I’m a better writer than speaker and I like how this is my little corner where I can share my loves, my life etc. there’s no right or wrong whether you tell everyone about your blog or your prefer to keep it to yourself 🙂


  4. Stephanie says:

    It wasn’t until like three months ago when I decided to make a Facebook page and even link my blog on my Instagram accounts. I was so nervous at first because I was afraid of what people I know would say. It does make me sad to censor some of my thoughts, but then that generates a new way around the idea I’m trying to get across, haha! Just blog the way you want and if you wanna integrate the two in time, most definitely! My loved ones have become my biggest supporters already and it’s nice of them choosing to read it. Best to you!


  5. peckapalooza says:

    My posts automatically go to Twitter and Facebook and, if I’ve decided to put in the effort, I’ll post to Instagram manually. I don’t actually think that many of my real life friends or family actually read what I write. In some ways, that’s comforting. However, I do wish, at times, that I had some real anonymity where my blog is concerned. Because I know there are times when I would like to blog about something that’s going on with family or friends, but I don’t because there’s still that chance that that would be the one time they actually clicked on the link to see what I had to say. So then I just keep everything as innocuous as possible…


  6. Becky Turner says:

    Once upon a time, I used to sort of share my posts on my personal Twitter and Facebook, but I stopped that early last year when I was blogging more. Two or three people from my life know I have a blog, but I don’t think they regularly read it. I don’t share anything too personal on my blog, but I feel the same as you and don’t want to answer questions about my blog, why I have it, etc.

    One of these days I’d like to post on my personal social media like, oh hey I have a blog, but I haven’t found the right time yet. So that’s why I have a separate Twitter and Instagram for my blog to share my posts, although I follow bloggers on both my personal and blog social.


  7. Darnell Cureton says:

    A better mix for you might be to keep your blog separate from FaceBook and Instagram. Your blog can have all the very personal stuff you share that family and friends mostly wouldn’t see.
    For me, its the case of trying to keep up with my followers.
    I like to read and comment on their posts but I find it gets overwhelming at times. I get 150 to 300 postings in my email from people I follow. I have to spend a large part of the day just trying to read them. Sometimes I have to pick and choose what to read and who’s post to comment on. For balance, I don’t read or comment on the weekends. I take a break and resume on Monday. So far that works for me.


  8. miarain87 says:

    I am a “secret” blogger. I havent told any of my family or friends as im not sure how my blog will be percieved. One day I may let the cat out of the bag, but for now my freedom of speech if for me and the unknown people of the internet.


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