Migraine Update: Steroids & Trying Aimovig?


I had an appointment with my neurologist in September and was surprised with how helpful he was. Is it bad that I’m still so surprised to receive good medical advice? After having a terrible neurologist for years I’m so happy to have found a good one!

We started our appointment by talking about my migraines and how we haven’t been able to find anything to break the cycle. I was on day 8 of a migraine when I saw him and I’ve had constant head pain since December 2017. Late last year he had me do a round of steroids to try to break the cycle and I had mild success. We decided to try another round of steroids to see if they would help.

I had a couple of good days on the steroids where I didn’t need to take anything for the pain. I still had a headache but it was more mild than normal. Unfortunately, as I weaned off of the steroids my headaches came back full force and I ended up with another migraine week. I’ve had to take a couple sick days or leave early in the past few weeks because the pain has been unbearable.

My neurologist also upped the dosage of my preventive medication that I’ve been on for 9 months or so. I’m really hoping this helps!

We ended my appointment with talking about Amiovig which is an injectable migraine medication that was released in 2018. I’ve done a ton of research on Amiovig and am unsure if I’m willing to try it. I could experience some serious side effects and I’m deathly afraid of needles so I’m not sure how I’d handle giving myself a monthly injection. I’m still weighing the pros and cons but am excited that he’s willing to try something new! Have you tried Amiovig?

I’m feeling pretty hopeful after this last appointment. I just have to keep advocating for myself and fighting for a pain-free existence.


Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “Migraine Update: Steroids & Trying Aimovig?

  1. ishkishmish.ca says:

    Hayley, I always get really sad when I read about ur migraine updates because I myself went thru 6 months of headaches and I know how hard it is to be in pain. I will give you some advice that worked for me. For me it was tension that was causing that pain so having regular talking buddies about things that arise in my life everyday. About 1-3 regular people that you talk to everyday about thing that happen in ur life and abt ur pain as well will help u think less about ur pain. No doctor will recommend u do this but trust me. My friends calling me everyday once a day to check on how I am feeling and how my pain is really helped reduce my pain to the point that it is non existant. Ask people around you to do that for you. Tell them to call you every day amd ask abt whats going on and how u r feeling. It takes away half the pain. If in 3 months u dont see any improvement, u can chamge my name. U ll think u hv finally found the right medication but it wont be true. It will be the ppl who have saved you. Caring really heals half of the diseases. I know how much tension builds up inside because of the pain itself and we need to talk about it and find ways to let it out. I remember my head used to ache so much the pain used to travel into my jaw my massage therapiat diacover so he told me to open my mouth out wide n often times I used to just scream and it used to feel good. We need to have a way to express our pain, either in words or actions or it just builds up more and more pain and we jst keep trying more and more meds and nothing works anymore. I really advice you to switch ur focus from meds now to people and ask th em to call u everyday and ask u how u feel


  2. Mark Kent says:

    people never see the every day effects .there views/judgements very Snotty Nosed .i have very bad migraines tryed different tablets nothing helps .i all so have m.e . ..ibs /long list i take part in a lot lot research
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  3. Hunida says:

    Gosh, Hayley. I could not imagine having a migraine for 8 days! I have so much sympathy for you. 😦 I hope this new injection will work for you, if you do end up trying it!


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