Overcoming Self-Doubt


I need my next blog post to be titled “10 Things That I love About Myself” because I have been terrible to myself lately. I have let self-doubt kill almost every dream that I’ve ever had. I’ve blamed this doubt on my personality. I’m too shy, too introverted, too awkward, etc.

Enough is enough.

My whole life I have been waiting for a sign from the universe telling me that I’m good enough. I’ve always thought that the world was built for beautiful people with their styled hair, perfect makeup, and put together outfits. I’ve only recently discovered that behind those perfect looks are just normal people who are also doubting themselves too.

I almost let my self-doubt ruin a really good opportunity at work. I’m so afraid of speaking my mind that I shut down and shut people out. I’d rather ruin something than fail at it. I’m scared of taking a chance and having it thrown back in my face.

Well, Hayley, this is your sign.

No one cares that I’ve gained weight. No one cares that I have no idea how to do my hair or makeup. I am projecting these issues onto myself and dragging my own name in the mud in the process.

Tomorrow is a new day and I promise to be kinder to myself. I promise to thank my body for carrying me through every day. I promise to look in the mirror and not say a million nasty things to my reflection. I promise to hold my head high and own my career.

It’s easy to let self-doubt get in the way of your life. I’ve done it a million times. If you are waiting for your sign from the universe like I was, let me be your sign too. It’s time to take back control.

Whatever you are facing, you’ve got this!

Do you have any tips for overcoming self-doubt? How do you deal with it?


Photo by David Kiriakidis on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “Overcoming Self-Doubt

  1. Isha says:

    Self doubt can more than often be the cause of depression. Overcoming it is extremely important. Remember, that you are perfect just the way you are.

    Great post 🙂🌹


  2. Tiffany says:

    God has helped me a lot. Meditation and yoga has helped a lot.
    But it starts with affirmation. Write down 5 “I am….” affirmations and read them daily. First thing in the morning.
    Filter what you read, listen too, and speak about. Our words have power. Speak life over yourself.
    It takes time to build this sort of practice. I’d say start with the “I am” affirmations
    If you need any prayer, email me.


  3. naaiba says:

    Awesome text! I often remind myself that this is just the voice if my anxiety that is dragging me down, not a real person or problem, that helps separating bad thougts from reality and not acting upon them, and by the way everyone is more than his self doubt sometimes it may seem that we only consist of overthinking unable to enjoy life and this feeling of guilt leads to even more self-doubt, so know your worth and the millions things you are as a complex and inspiring human being! All the best


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