How I Manage Working with Migraines

working with chronic migraine

One of the most popular questions that I get about having chronic migraine is how I manage to hold down a full time job. In honor of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month I thought I’d share a few ways I have learned to manage working with migraines.

I have been working consistently since I was 17, so almost 10 years. I worked all the way through college, excluding the few months that I studied abroad in London. After my college graduation I found my current role and have worked here for almost 4 years.

Working isn’t easy and I’ve really struggled to balance everything. 2018 was my worst year by far and I really considered taking FMLA. However, I am very fortunate to work at a company with unlimited sick days. They truly care about me as a person but I never want to take advantage of their generous sick leave policy.

Here are a couple of ways that I manage working with migraines.

  1. Open communication. My co-workers know that I have migraines. They have asked me questions and we have discussed them at length. Having them know makes me feel a million times better because they can tell just by looking at me if I’m having a rough day. It’s easy to talk about and I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to act “normal”.
  2. Working from home. Again, I am extremely lucky to work for a company that values me and my individual needs. I am able to work from home whenever I need to. Sometimes the biggest trigger for me is just waking up. I wake up and feel like I’ve been run over by a bus and there’s no way I can drive to work. I always have the option to work from home and take the day at my own pace.
  3. Taking frequent breaks. I work at a computer all day and even with blue light glasses my eyes get fatigued which causes me to have a headache. I make sure to take frequent breaks to re-fill my water, talk to a co-worker, or walk around the building. Working from home is nice because I can walk outside and sit on my deck or snuggle with my puppy for a few minutes. Taking breaks is super important for everyone!
  4. Planning ahead. I am always ready for a migraine. I have all of the essentials at home, in my purse, in my car, and at my desk. It depends on the level of migraine I’m having but sometimes I am able to work through them if I catch them soon enough. My migraine essentials include electrolyte water, caffeine, magnesium, and an abortive medication if needed.
  5. Sick days. As I mentioned, my company has unlimited sick days and while I never want to take advantage of those day I still appreciate them. My mindset on sick days is that I’m going to have a migraine no matter what. It’s not going to go away and I’m not going to get “better”. If I can work through my migraine I will but sometimes I really do just need to lay in bed all day with my ice cap on. These are the days I will take a sick day and just focus on myself. I appreciate these unlimited sick days more than anything.

I know that I am extremely lucky to have the job that I have. I work hard and put a lot of pressure on myself but I always know that my team has my back with whatever I need. I have heard so many horror stories from the migraine support group that I’m part of where people have lost their jobs or have had to go on disability because of their migraines.

It is hard to balance everything and there’s no right or easy way to balance work with any type of health condition. I have had my fair share of struggles and an embarrassing amount of tears while surrounded by co-workers. At one point I thought I’d have to quit because there was no way I’d be able to face them again but I did.

If you are struggling just know that you are not alone.


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5 thoughts on “How I Manage Working with Migraines

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    This is such a wonderful and insightful post hun, I think it’s fantastic that you are raising awareness on this. Hopefully other companies who aren’t so generous and lovely as yours will read and follow suit, perhaps this will help them understand a little more how important it is to look after people who suffer from migraines. Some of those horror stories just aren’t fair. But I am so pleased you work for such a great company. and Communication is so important ❤ love this hun xx


    • Life of Hayley says:

      Thank you! 🙂 My goal is to share my story because I know I’m not alone in this and other people are struggling to manage pain and work too. I have found reading other’s stories to be super helpful in my journey. 🙂


  2. Chanelle says:

    I have noticed the past couple of weeks since being back at work fulltime my headaches have increased again. I was working from a laptop during lockdown and I didn’t have frequent headaches so I don’t think it’s necessarily screen time. I think it’s just the fast-paced, stress of the job returning. I also want to get the occupational nurse to give me a desk assessment in case my chair isn’t at the right height. I also mentioned the headaches to my boss today who suggested working from home now and again 🙂


    • Life of Hayley says:

      I agree with you, I think a lot of workplace headaches are the result of the environment. You feel all the stress that’s going on around you. I’m sorry that your headaches have increased again! It’s nice that you have an occupational nurse that can do assessments! That’s really cool! I hope they are able to help you make any needed adjustments to your workspace. Working from home seems like the best situation possible sometimes when you have a headache. 🙂

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