7 Tips for Time Management in College


With the dreaded finals week approaching I decided that I would share with you my tips for managing time wisely. Enjoy!

1. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. This is one of the hardest things for me to do because I HATE waking up early but sometimes it is necessary. I usually get my best work done late at night but sometimes I just really need to sleep which calls for an early wake up time! Just try to suck it up and get yourself out of bed.

2. Plan out your day the night before. I always look at my planner right before going to bed so I can decide what needs to be done the next day. I like to plan ample time for sleep, relaxing, homework, and family/boyfriend. All of this takes planning, especially because I am also working 30+ hours a week.

3. Schedule time blocks for specific tasks. I like to plan time for each class. For example, Mondays from 11-1 I work on CIS and from 1:30-3 I work on COM. That way I always have time set aside for homework and studying. I add a half an hour break between for eating and playing around on social media.

4. Plan time to eat, sleep, and relax. This goes without saying, don’t stress yourself out. Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to relax!

5. Have a comfy, organized environment. I can’t stand a messy desk because if that’s unorganized I will not be able to focus on anything else. I basically start with a blank table and work from there.

6. Get rid of distractions. Put your phone, iPad, laptop, and whatever else may distract you away and make sure they are on silent until you are done!


                              My planner

7. Use a planner! I cannot stress this enough. Without my planner I would be lost. Get one. Period. (I use the Mead Pretty Please planner!)

I hope these tips help all of you fellow college students! Good luck on your exams! 🙂


What I’ve Been Up To

June has flown by for me! Does anyone else feel like that too? I feel like I was just writing my May Favorites blog post and now I’m working on June’s post! Where has the time gone??

Anyway, I have been super busy! My summer class ends of Wednesday so I have been finishing up my group project, paper, and presentation as well as studying for the final exam. I am so excited for this class to be over so I have some free time to enjoy summer! My sister’s birthday is on Saturday so I finally have a real day off to spend with my family.

The day my baby sister was born (almost) 19 years ago!

The day my baby sister was born (almost) 19 years ago!

One of the things that I have done recently is spending some quality time with my God brother (Jordan) and sister (Riley).  Jordan is nine and Riley is six. They live in Ohio so I don’t get to see them much but when I do I spend as much time with them as possible. They came up for father’s day weekend so we had a fun sleepover. We played outside, had a picnic, and played Life and Clue. I love these two so much!


Picnic Time!

Picnic Time!


My Boy!

My Boy!

Fierce! These kids are serious about their arcade games!

Fierce! These kids are serious about their arcade games!

I have also been working a ton. I have a performance review on the 30th and I am hoping for a raise and a promotion! Fingers crossed! Work has been fun and challenging. I love my job but I hate being treated like I’m uneducated just because I work in the food industry! It can be very frustrating.

Well, that’s all for now! But be on the lookout for my June Favorites post and some other fun stuff that will be up soon!

Just Keep Swimming

It’s the Tuesday of finals week and I am still alive. My first final is at 5 pm tonight and then I have three tomorrow and one next Monday! I can do this! On Monday after my last final Brett and I are flying to Florida for a week! I am so excited! His grandparents live in there and we only get to see them once a year. I can’t wait to go back!

018 041



Just a few more exams, one manager meeting, one food safety training video, and two days of work and then I will be enjoying the sun with my boyfriend!

Good luck on finals, everyone!

Almost the End

The semester is finally almost over. It’s been a rough couple of months and I am really ready to move home. I have been super busy lately with school and work. There are a lot of changes going on where I am working. I am getting not one, but two new bosses which is super nerve-racking. I know that I am good at my job so I will just have to prove that to my new bosses. I love my job though so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Happy Western Wednesday from me and Brett!

Happy Western Wednesday from me and Brett!

A lot has been going on with me. I have been putting off blogging because I just don’t know what to say. I had such high expectations for this year and it turned out completely different. I tried to live in the dorms again. I took the chance and went in blind hoping to meet my new best friend. However, I went through two roommates this year and didn’t become best friends with either one. I really thought my current roommate and I would be friends but she changed halfway through the year. I am really disappointed in how everything turned out. I ended up being really depressed with my life this year. I tried really hard at everything and I feel like I failed. But it’s okay because it can only get better from now on, right?

Finals are next week so it’s study time now!

Finals Week Fun

I think that I speak for every college student when I say that finals week is absolute torture. This is my third semester and finals have not gotten any easier. It all depends on the class of course. However, now that I am a sophomore all of my classes seem more advance. I also made a promise to myself that I would try my hardest in school and take my classes very seriously. I believe that education is a very powerful tool and is an investment in your future.

My finals week consists of four exams and one final project as well as a volunteer event for the Student Advisory Leadership Board that I am a part of. Today I got my first and easiest exam out of the way. I spent the rest of the day finishing my final project and turning it in to my professor. I also got my volunteer event out of the way which involved me sitting at a desk for an hour and a half guarding the Loaves and Fishes donation bottles.

Truth about finals

Gilmore Girl’s quote because it’s my favorite show.

I concluded my day by watching the end of the Bonnie and Clyde series on the History Channel and going to “late night” with my roommate and friend. Late night is at one of our cafeterias on campus and begins at 9 pm every week night.  I got an Oregon Chai Latte but it was really just warm milk. It was super disappointing because I hoping that I would be able to drink it while studying for my accounting final. Oh well.

Good luck to the rest of the college students studying for their finals! Break is right around the corner!