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Sorry guys! It’s been a while since I’ve updated but I wanted to share with you how classes are going. I have been experiencing a bit of homesickness and I didn’t want to write a depressing post. Thankfully my friends have been amazing and their support has made me feel much better.



Classes are a little different here than in the U.S. In Michigan, I attend a public University over 24,000 students.  Here I attend Regent’s University which is a private University with around 4,000 students. So right away there’s a big difference when compared to the U.S.

At Regent’s the class sizes are small with only 20-30 students per class. At home I can have lectures with 300+ students. I love the small class sizes which allow a lot of discussion and interaction. We are only three weeks into classes and my professors already know my name and where I’m from. I really love getting to know my professors and peers through lectures and seminars.

I am taking three modules (courses) while in London so I am taking 25 ECTS (European Credits). This translates to 12.5 U.S. credits which will either round to 12 or 13 credits when being transferred to my home University.

My Classes:

  • Events Operations Project Planning
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • International Business Environment

So far I am loving all of my courses and professors. I find the subjects really interesting even though they all involve a ton of group work which I usually hate. I have friends in most of my classes and have easily made even more friends. Everyone is really friendly here and it is easy to fit in with people from other cultures. Even though our cultures are very different I have made friends with students from Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Norway, France, Russia, etc. As long as you go into study abroad with an open mind you will be able to make friends with anyone. It really is an amazing experience to be part of.




Making the decision to study abroad has already changed me in so many ways. I feel like a completely different person and I am so relaxed. Back at home I was always rushing around with school and work and I never had time to make friends and just enjoy college. Now I am slowing down, making friends, hanging out, and making amazing memories. I just feel so grateful that I am here in London experiencing everything.




Thanks for reading! I’m really going to try to get better at posting because I want to be able to look back at all of my adventures!

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