Fall Bucket List


Like I said in my last post, October is my favorite season and I am planning on making the most of it! So here is my Fall Bucket List with all of the things that I hope to accomplish this season

  1. Take a trip to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch.
  2. Go through a corn maze.
  3. Eat plenty of apple and pumpkin donuts with a big glass of apple cider!
  4. Take fall walks with my new puppy! (Yes, I have a puppy named Megan. Post coming soon!)
  5. Spend some quality time with my family!
  6. Celebrate my 21st Birthday with family and friends.
  7. Try baking at least one pumpkin recipe.
  8. Carve pumpkins with Brett.
  9. Watch Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus!
  10. Get out all of my comfy sweaters, jeans, and scarves.

Fall is finally here and I am so excited!

Image via Unsplash 

Why I love October!


Today is October 1st which means that my favorite month has officially begun! Happy October everyone! I thought that I would share with you some reasons why October has always been my favorite month and why I look forward to it every year

1. It’s my birth month: I feel like this is the most obvious reason of them all. Birthdays have always been special to me because I share my birthday with my Grandpa who is one of the most important people in my life. I was also blessed with the most amazing birthday gift when my god sister, Riley, was born on my birthday as well. I love sharing my day with two of the best people in the world.

Me and my Grandpa!

                  Me and my Grandpa!

2. Fall is finally here: Fall officially begins in September but it never really feels like fall until October. Fall is my all-time favorite season because I love visiting pumpkin patches and apple orchards, watching the leaves change colors, and snuggling up in my favorite sweaters. And of course, drinking gallons upon gallons of warm apple cider!

3. Pumpkin everything: I love pumpkin donuts, drinks, cakes, and everything in between! Seeing ads for pumpkin flavored things makes me happy. I’m also a huge apple fan. Give me caramel apples and apple cider and I will be set for life! I’m just a simple girl who loves fall a little too much 🙂

4. Halloween: My favorite holiday growing up was always Halloween. Partly because of how close it is to my birthday but also because I love the atmosphere. I love passing out candy on my porch and seeing everyone have such a great night. My neighborhood goes all out for Halloween so it’s always a really fun night!

I hope you guys enjoyed the reasons why I love October! I am so excited for this month and all of the activities that are taking place. I’m thinking about writing an October Bucket List if anyone is interested! Have a wonderful day!

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