Labor Day Weekend In Cleveland, OH


Labor Day weekend is always one of my favorites! I look forward to three days off to spend time with family and friends. As always, Brett wanted to go to another air show so we packed up the car and headed to Cleveland, Ohio for the weekend.


Cleveland is about 4.5 hours away from where we live and is one of my favorite cities to visit! I grew up listening to Green Day, Tom Petty, AC/DC, and many more iconic bands and musicians so the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of my favorite travel destinations. I have been four times now, twice with my family and twice with Brett and it doesn’t get old!


Most of the exhibits were new to me this time! Brett and I agreed that our favorite was The Garage where there was a live band playing and TV screens with instruments where you could learn to play a verse on the guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard. It was super cool and I was able to impress Brett with my ability to play Smoke on the Water from my guitar days in high school. It made me want to re-learn guitar!


We spent most of Saturday at the Hall of Fame but wandered out around dinner time. I was starving! Brett let me choose where we would eat so I picked Shake Shack. This is one of my favorite burger places but we don’t have one near us so I always look for one when we are traveling. The cheese fries are my favorite!


For dessert we went to Cathy’s Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches. I found Cathy’s by doing a Google search for ice cream in the area and I was SO impressed! You pick your cookie flavor, ice cream flavor, and a topping and they make your sandwich right in front of you! I chose M&M cookies with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips. I wasn’t able to eat all of mine but it was so good and I highly recommend!

We walked around downtown before heading back to our hotel. We stayed at the Westin which was walking distance from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and every other place we wanted to go including the air show. We ended our Saturday night by watching Ten Things I Hate About You and Sweet Home Alabama on tv.


Sunday was air show day so we grabbed Starbucks and walked to the airport for the Cleveland National Air Show. The weather wasn’t great so we ended up leaving a couple of hours early to drive home.


However, we can’t go to Cleveland without eating at The Melt! Our friends introduced us to this restaurant a couple of years ago and we have been hooked ever since! They make the best and most unique grilled cheese sandwiches. I usually get Wake and Bacon but this time I tried The Dude Abides and it was delicious!

We got home around 8 pm on Sunday and pretty much went straight to bed. We both had Monday off of work so we headed out to the lake for a day with family! Overall, it was a great weekend and much needed.

How was your Labor Day weekend?


USA: hidden gems you can’t miss, according to travel bloggers – Curlygirlabroad


I am so happy to have had the chance to work with Emma from Curly Girl Abroad on her recent blog post! It was great to share a bit about where I’m from in Michigan.

Thanks again, Emma!

Are We There Yet?


Well guys, this post is a bit overdue but here is a brief synopsis of my weekend in Ohio with my family!

Ohio rest stop sunset

Ohio rest stop sunset


We left on Friday after my mom and I got out of work. My dad had to work Saturday and Sunday so he ended up staying home. My mom, my sister, and I had a fun drive down to Ohio and we got there at 11:30 pm and headed straight to bed.

The girls at the swim meet

The girls at the swim meet

Jordan diving

Jordan diving

Saturday morning we had to be on the road by 7 am to get to Jordan’s swim meet. It was a long, exciting day watching Jordan swim. I was really impressed with him because he is only nine and he’s already a better swimmer than I am! The meet ended around 5 pm and we headed home.

Jordan doing a flip

Jordan doing a flip

Their adorable dog, Bo!

Their adorable dog, Bo!

My mom and her friends went out to dinner and a movie so Dani and I stayed home with the kids. We had fun playing trampoline basketball, eating pizza, and watching The Parent Trap. Jordan and Riley had never seen it before! We watched the Lindsay Lohan version which is not nearly as good as the Hayley Mills one. Random fact: I was named after Hayley Mills! She is my mom’s favorite actress.

My yummy breakfast

My yummy breakfast!!

Riley and her piggy pancake

Riley and her piggy pancake

On Sunday, we slept in and then headed to breakfast at Bob Evan’s. We only eat there when we are visiting the Sheppard’s for some reason. I got the double chocolate chip pancakes and they were so amazing!!!! After that we headed to Trader Joe’s. If you want to know what we got there than read my Trader Joe’s Haul post.

Trader Joe's Haul

Trader Joe’s Haul

My cheesecake

My cheesecake

Once we picked up everything from TJ’s we made one last stop at the Cheesecake Factory! I got the Adam’s Peanut Butter cheesecake which is my favorite. I was disappointed though because it wasn’t very good this time. Oh well.

The drive home went by fast because I slept most of the way home. When we got home my dad had steak kabobs waiting for us. He really missed us I guess!

Well, that is all for my weekend in Ohio! In a couple more weeks we are headed down to Cedar Point to meet Jordan and Riley. Stayed tuned!