What to Pack for a Week in Italy

what to pack for a week in italy, rome italy packing list

Hi friends!

Brett and I are preparing for our trip to Rome in a couple of weeks. I have been working on creating my packing list and buying any pieces that I still needed before the trip. I thought it would be fun to share what I am bringing on our trip!

I hope this list can help you plan for your next adventure!


  • 1 full size suitcase to share with Brett
  • 1 carryon suitcase
  • 1 small Vera Bradley weekender
  • 1 cross body purse
  • 1 travel wallet
  • 1 foldable reusable bag


  • 2 Converters
  • iPhone, charger
  • iPad, charger
  • cameras, memory cards, chargers, cases
  • Headphones

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Travel journal
  • Book
  • Copy of hotel reservation and any pre-booked tickets
  • Empty water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Umbrella
  • Passport, Driver’s License
  • Travel Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Small amount of currency


  • 1 Nikes
  • 1 Converse
  • 1 Sandals


  • 2 sweaters (black, grey)
  • 1 foldable rain jacket
  • 1 light jacket
  • 2 layering tank tops (white, black)
  • 2 jeans (black, dark wash)
  • 1 shorts (dark wash)
  • 3 t-shirts (black, white, grey)
  • 1 light weight scarf
  • 2 sleep shirts/comfortable t-shirts
  • 1 pajama pants
  • 1 athletic shorts
  • 1 dress
  • 3 blouses
  • 1 leggings
  • 1 swim suit
  • 1 belt
  • Socks, underwear, bras
  • Cheap jewelry


  • Medication
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, toothpaste
  • Toothbrush, floss
  • Face wipes, moisturizer, lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Basic makeup (concealer, foundation, mascara)
  • Emergency feminine products
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair ties

My top tips for packing are to use packing cubes, pick a color scheme, check the weather before leaving, and to pack as light as possible. As you can see, I’m really not bringing a lot with me on this trip. I know that if I forget something I can buy it there. I am packing mostly staple items that I can mix and match to create different outfits.

I usually stay pretty close to my list when it actually comes time to pack but a few extra items still find their way into my suitcase. I also pack for Brett because he ends up bringing everything he owns. It’s hilarious to watch but not fun to drag his stuff through cities. Packing light is key!

This list can be edited for any trip that you are taking! Basic items are the most important because you can really build on your basics. I don’t bring anything expensive or irreplaceable with me either. Pickpockets are present pretty much anywhere you are going so it’s best to not have anything of great value with you.

I have a more in depth packing list that I posted a couple of years ago when I studied abroad in London. Check it out if you need a more detailed list for longer trips!

If you have been to Rome please let me know if there’s anything else you think I will need to bring! I’d love to hear any travel tips too.

Thanks for reading!



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Study Abroad Packing List!

Hello friends!

I leave for London in 15 short days where I will spend the next few months studying and traveling throughout Europe.  I have spent countless hours looking for packing lists and other advice on Pinterest so I decided to share what I learned with all of you!

I have some experience packing for Europe because I spent three weeks there a few years ago. However, three weeks is a tiny amount of time compared to a whole semester. I used my previous experience as well as the advice/research that I found online to create my own packing list. I hope this helps some of my fellow travelers!


For starters, let’s talk bags:

  • 1 full sized suitcase
  • 1 carry on suitcase
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 medium sized cross body purse
  • 1 small cross body purse
  • 1 travel wallet


  • 2 Converters
  • Power Strip
  • Laptop, mouse, charger
  • iPhone, charger, charging case
  • iPad, charger, sleeve
  • cameras, memory cards, chargers, cases

School Stuff:

  • Notebook
  • Planner
  • Pens, pencils, case
  • Stationary
  • Flash drive
  • Pocket London Book and maps
  • Travel Journal


  • 1 Hunter Tour Packable Wellies
  • 1 Riding Boots
  • 1 black booties
  • 1 Nikes
  • 1 flip flops (for showers!!!!)
  • 1 Black Sandals
  • 1 Converse
  • 2 flats (gray and black)


  • 2 Jackets (Winter/rain, leather)
  • 3 skinny jeans/jeggings (black, dark, medium)
  • 1 skirt (black)
  • 1 boot cut jeans
  • 4 layering tank tops (black, mint, green, stripes)
  • 4 camis (black, white, nude, royal blue)
  • 1 sweater (gray)
  • 4 cardigans (cream, black, gray, purple)
  • 3 t-shirts (gray, black, cream)
  • 2 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 sleep shirts/t-shirts
  • 1 pajama pants
  • 1 VS yoga pants (for sleeping/lounging)
  • 1 fleece lined leggings
  • 4 nice blouses
  • Tights, leggings
  • 3 dresses (black, black/white, navy)
  • Scarves, gloves, headband
  • 2 Belts (brown, cream)
  • 1 swim suit
  • Cheap Jewelry
  • 2 shorts (denim, flowers)
  • Socks, underwear, bras (bring enough for two weeks)

Dorm and Toiletries:

  • Travel towels (1 bath, 1 hand, 2 wash)
  • Travel pillow/blanket
  • Pictures of family and friends
  • 6 months of prescriptions
  • OTC Meds (allergy, tums, ibuprofen, vitamins, melatonin, etc.)
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, lotion, perfume
  • Toothbrush, floss
  • Face wash, wipes, moisturizer, spot treatment
  • Basic makeup (concealer, foundation, mascara)
  • Deodorant
  • Hair ties/bands

Carry On:

  • Copies of passport, visa, credit/debit cards, acceptance letter, travel information, insurance, emergency phone numbers
  • Small amount of currency to get started
  • Umbrella
  • Travel wallet (passport, boarding pass, picture id)
  • Maps
  • iPhone
  • Extra clothes and underwear if suitcase gets lost
  • Chargers
  • Headphones
  • Snacks
  • Empty water bottle (filtered if possible)
  • Book and travel journal

As you can see, I am packing mostly basics that I can mix and match to create different outfits. I am planning all of my outfits based on three colors-black, blue, and cream. I definitely recommend picking a color scheme and choosing your clothing and accessories around that. Also, don’t bring any clothing that you don’t wear at home because you won’t wear it abroad either and it will just take up precious weight in your suitcase.

I hope this helps as you plan your next adventure! Please feel free to ask any questions and let me know if there’s anything that I forgot! I am getting anxious to begin this journey and can’t wait to share it with all of you!  

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Pre-Departure Orientation and Buying My Plane Ticket!


Today my school hosted our pre-departure orientation. My mom was able to go with me which was really awesome because now she knows so much more about the process. I feel much more comfortable knowing that my mom has some information about insurance and stuff.

I can’t believe I am leaving in about a month and a half! It seems like only yesterday I was dreaming this whole plan up. I can’t believe this is my life…


In other news, I finally bought my plane ticket! I really struggled to decide whether or not to buy a round trip or a one way ticket. The one way ticket was over $1,700 so I decided to go with the round trip. I am leaving on January 24th at 5:55 pm! The plane lands at Heathrow on January 25th at 2:45 am my time or 7:45 am London time. I am so so so happy because finally have someone to fly with! I met a girl from my University who has agreed to travel to London with me! I am so excited!


On the 25th I will be able to move into my dorm at Regent’s where I will finally meet my roommate!!!! Orientation at Regent’s starts on January 26th and my first day of University is on February 2nd. I’m really nervous about the trip over but I am so excited for this experience. Hopefully I will meet a ton of friends during orientation!

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any advice for packing, travelling, whatever! Thanks guys!

P.S. All of the pictures in this post are from the last time I was in London (2011)!