Annual Day of Caring

Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash

Monday was my company’s fourth annual Day of Caring. Every year on President’s Day all 125 of our employees have the opportunity to volunteer at a place of their choice instead of working. President’s Day is a bank holiday which means that the stock market is closed. I work in finance so bank holidays are a great day for my company to give back to our community without missing out on the chance to serve our clients.

My department chose to volunteer at a local food bank that helps provide meals to families in need and weekend packs for school children who only get food at school during the week.

This is my third year volunteering at this food bank and I can honestly say that I really enjoy it! My team loves to make everything a competition. We usually break into two teams and race to see which team can create the most weekend pouches or who can package the most cereal containers.

I love that my company encourages us to go out into the community and make an impact. We have various other events throughout the year that focus on individual non-profits in each of our markets.

Our Day of Caring really means a lot to me because there were many times in my life where I was unable to donate money and resources. As a college student especially, the only thing I was able to donate was my time. No matter how big or small, you can still make an impact.

This year my team packaged over 1300 weekend pouches! This beats the record of 987 that we set two years ago. We hustled and worked together to create an efficient packing system in order to pack as many weekend pouches as possible in our time at the food pantry. It was also great team building!

Do you enjoy volunteering in your community?


Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash


End of Summer Thoughts


Summer is almost over and I am starting to freak out! I am not looking forward to going back to school! I have this problem where I really overbook myself which means that I am taking five classes, in two clubs, volunteering, and working 30 hours a week. How am I going to make this work?

Last year, I lived on campus which provided me the luxury of literally rolling out of bed and running to class. This year I live 30ish minutes away so I will have to plan my time wisely. I’m anxious about living off campus because I never have done it before. I moved back home with my parents so that I can study abroad in the spring. I can’t sign a lease since I will be leaving (hopefully!) in January.

The reality of summer coming to an end has driven me to writing lists like crazy. There is still so much that I need to get done but so little time! Lists are my way of getting everything out of my system. Once I write it done I can stop remembering and overanalyzing it.  I have a journal that is completely designated for lists. I write lists of bloggers I follow, blog post ideas, what I need to get done, what to buy, etc. I write lists mostly before bed so that I can sleep without worrying about the things that I have to do the next day.

Organization is a huge part of my life. College is hard and staying on top of assignments is almost impossible. I rely heavily on lists, my planner, and excel spreadsheets to keep me on task.  I am currently in the market for a new 2014-2015 planner which I will most likely buy from Target. I really considered buying an expensive planner this year because it is something that I use every day. But in the end I would rather spend my money on tuition or something more important.

Well, thanks for reading my random blog. Remember to enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

A Saturday Off!

Last weekend I finally had a Saturday off. Every weekend I work at least 8.5 hours a day. I haven’t had a weekend off (besides Florida) for ages. I seriously can’t even remember having a weekend off…haha

But anyway, last Saturday I had a wonderful day with my family and with Brett. In the morning my mom, sister and I headed to our local farmer’s market. My mom and Dani go to the market every Saturday morning but I have only been able to go with them twice. Our farmer’s market is so nice and has such a huge variety of food, flowers, and other goods. We always buy our fruits and vegetables there as well as coffee. This weekend we got eggs, two things of carrots, four pints of raspberries, lettuce, kale, coffee, and bread.

Kale Chips!

Kale Chips!

After the farmer’s market we went out for brunch at The Crow’s Nest. It was my first time there and it was amazing! I ordered the banana bread French toast with a side of fresh fruit. It was delicious!


Later on, I got prettied up using my Mary Kay products that I have been testing from Influenster! I am so pleased with how everything turned out! I don’t normally wear makeup but when I do I always feel really uncomfortable and fake. This time I felt really pretty and comfortable the whole night. I was super excited to show off my look to Brett!


I drove over to Brett’s house and we ended up going to one of the parks close to his house. We walked a mile through the trails. It was a beautiful day and a couple was having their wedding in the park. It was so fun walking and talking with my favorite guy. I wore a thrifted Old Navy dress and sparkly black sandals. It was such a nice day to be out and about! After our walk we were hot so we stopped for some frozen yogurt! Yum!



We spent the rest of the night the volunteer celebration at the local theatre. Brett and I both volunteer at the Civic at least once a month for the past three years. We love giving back to the community while seeing amazing shows! The theatre had a DJ, chocolate fountain, cotton candy, and so much food for us to enjoy. It was a great way to celebrate another fantastic season at the theatre!



Thanks for reading!