Here’s to 2015!

It’s a new year and the only thing that I can think about is leaving for London. I am filled with anxiety about my upcoming journey abroad. Starting a new year can mean many things to many different people. But for me, it means a new life full of new opportunities.

Best friends in London!

               Best friends in London!

Studying abroad has been my dream since I traveled to Europe in 2011. I was talking to my friend the other day and she said that she can remember me saying that I would be going back to London in the future. And here I am, four years later following my dream.

Of course, I am very anxious. I’m a nervous wreck about everything that could go wrong. I think I’m most nervous about leaving my family and Brett behind. I know that I will be coming back but it’s still hard to move away from them.

2015 brings the promise of new memories, journeys, and dreams. I’m looking forward to living the next year to the fullest. I’m happy to have the chance to start over someplace new but I am even happier that I have someplace to come home to when it’s over. I am lucky to have the chance to follow my dreams and to have the support of my family and friends.

Here’s to 2015! Good luck to all of you as you follow your own dreams and go your own way!


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