2019: Second Quarter Goals Recap


In April I posted my second quarter goals with the hopes of accomplishing everything on my list. I think I did a pretty good job considering that Q2 flew right by! I’m starting to think that I have a terrible sense of time because I blink and it’s the end of the quarter.

  1. Create a self-care routine. I’ve come to the conclusion that self-care is different for everyone. I’m not really the bath and face mask type even though I really want to be. I spent Q2 creating a non-stressful nighttime routine including a time to be in bed every night. I took melotonin so that I could sleep better and started doing at home workouts and nightly walks. All of these things made me feel like I was taking more time for myself instead of being so stressed out all of the time.
  2. Learn two new recipes to add to our dinner rotation. Done and done. I wanted to include learning how to cook a ham for Easter in this but decided that I should learn something else. 🙂 I learned how to make crack chicken in the crockpot and lemon chicken with feta and garlic asparagus. Pretty proud of myself since I despise cooking.
  3. Start planning out our summer schedule. I hate coordinating my busy summer schedule with Brett’s even busier summer schedule. I feel like I never get to see him and that’s why I wanted to prioritize our schedules this summer. So far everything has gone well and both of our schedules are mapped out.
  4. Finish my spring cleaning projects. I didn’t get everything done on my list but I do feel really good about the progress I’ve made organizing our house. The basement and storage room still need help but I think that the rest of the house is looking really good! We even got around to power washing the house and cleaning the gutters.
  5. Get a quote to have our driveway re-done. We got the quote and it’s pretty expensive. We bought our house at the top of the market so we decided that it’s probably best to only do one big house project. We’d rather spend the money on a new bathroom instead of getting the driveway re-done.
  6. Go shopping and do a spring wardrobe refresh! I pretty much failed at this. I was able to buy a couple new pairs of work pants and some shorts and tops. But I didn’t go through my closet and donate/sell the clothes I’m not using. I really do need to buy some more clothes but I’m trying to be extremely picky.

Q2 was really great and I’m looking forward to a busy and rewarding Q3! I’ll be posting my Q3 goals soon so be on the lookout for those.

How was the first half of 2019 for you?


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “2019: Second Quarter Goals Recap

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow, great job on your list!! I totally understand why you’d want to re-do your bathroom before your driveway. After all, the bathroom is something you’ll use & see inside your house every day!
    I’m not a huge fan of cooking either, lol, so well done! I completely understand how you feel. I have to cook a lot since we can’t afford to eat out much, but I don’t exactly love it. It’s always an accomplishment to learn a new recipe!!


    • Life of Hayley says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m super excited to (one day) have a brand new bathroom!

      I’m so glad you can relate to my cooking troubles. I wish I liked it! I try to eat in as much as possible. I have the hardest time remembering to pack my lunch for work though!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Courtney says:

        I never remember to make lunch, lol!! It’s so bad. I mean, I work from home but I don’t really have lunch breaks so it would be easier to just have something prepared to eat while working, haha.


      • Courtney says:

        I love working from home! But I could see how other people might not like it so much. I used to get a little lonely but now my husband works from home too so it’s better. 😉


      • Life of Hayley says:

        I’m so glad you love it! I really enjoy my co-workers and our day-to-day banter. I miss that a lot when I’m at home. I have the option to work from home when I need to or want to but I barely every do. I bet having your husband there does make it much better! I find myself talking to my dog when I get lonely at home. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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